Oklahoma tornado: Tragedy for the Christian?

The bottom-line assumption for anyone who believes in the God of providence is that ultimately there are no tragedies. God has promised that all things that happen-all pain, all suffering, all tragedies-are but for a moment, and that He works in and through these events for the good of those who love Him (Rom. 8:28). That’s why the apostle Paul said that the pain, the suffering, the affliction that we bear in this world isn’t worthy to be compared, isn’t worthy to be mentioned in the same breath, with the glory and the blessedness that God has stored up for His people (Rom. 8:18).

R. C. Sproul. Surprised by Suffering: The Role of Pain and Death in The Christian Life (Kindle Locations 509-512). Kindle Edition.


The defeat of the State

The cross was not the defeat of Christ at the hands of the powers; it was the defeat of the powers at the hands yes, the bleeding hands – of Christ. This is the great theme of Passiontide: `the royal banners forward go’.

N. T. Wright. Following Jesus: Biblical Reflections on Discipleship (p. 19). Kindle Edition.